Program Features

Thursday, june 6

Adult Strabismus Panel Discussion

  • MD and CO orthoptists tackling complex adult strabismus

Everything Old is New Again:  Dichoptic Therapy for Amblyopia

  • Optometric origins of the resurrection of dichoptic therapy

  • Multi-center study results:  PEDIG and BRAVO

  • The clinical experience:  real results, impressions, and conclusions

Orthoptic Jeopardy!

  • Interactive game show featuring various categories of orthoptic-based trivia!  Everything in the Syllabus and Core Competency documents is fair game.  Prize basket awarded for the winner!

Interactive Poster Session

  • For those who have an interesting case, series, or study, but would rather avoid the podium, this session is for you!  


  • Presentations on the application of geometric, physical, and ophthalmic optics to orthoptic practice.

Friday, june 7

The UB/Ross Eye Institute June Conference:  Pediatric Ophthalmology

Saturday, june 8

Medical Management of Strabismus and Ocular Motility Disorders

  • Presentations on injectables (Botox, Bupivacaine) featuring Guest Lecturer, Alan Scott, MD

  • Topical medications (eye drops) for strabismus and amblyopia:  old and new

  • Systemic medications for the management of nystagmus

From the Bench to the Exam Chair:  Translational Medicine for the Orthoptist and Pediatric Ophthalmologist